sliding door 

the slimmest lines + unparalleled style 


  • The slimmest sliding door with 20mm framing
  • Stainless steel hardware for smooth sliding actions 
  • Large certified sizes up to 3m tall + 2.2m wide per pane
  • Integrated locking that maintains slim profiles
  • Impressive performance; water (7A), air (4) + wind (C5)
  • Maximum thermal efficiency Uw values from 1.2 W/m²K
  • Open possibilities with up to corner sliding + pocket doors 
  • Efficient manufacturing + lead times

European Design

Each aluminium framing profile is selected and engineered to offer a minimum and modern finish, whilst maintaining robust performance and quality standards.

The technologically advanced thermal break system offers projects unparalleled levels of thermal insulation in keeping with modern European design.

British Manufacturing  

Every product is manufactured and fabricated bespoke to each project specification. Our state of art fabrication site offers the latest technology in modern aluminium fabrication, ensuring our Systems can offer efficient lead times and exceptional quality.

More Information 

For more information please contact the team who will be happy to help. Make sure you investigate our entire range to achieve a cohesive design to all elements of your building projects 


  • Uw Value from 1.3 W/m²K*
  • Air Permeability Class 4 in accordance with EN 12207
  • Water tightness class 7a in accordance with EN 12208
  • wind resistance class C5 in accordance with EN 12210

*typical Uw value, individual project Uw values must be calculated per project.