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Bifold doors have been hugely popular in the UK for a number of years. The Reynaers at Home CF 68, as a new addition to the Reynaers product range, benefits from years of experience, research and development. The result is a stylish-looking product that combines industry-leading performance with smooth and reliable operation

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CP 130 is a premium insulated sliding system combining high weather performance with enhanced security and great aesthetics.

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CP 155 is a premium insulated sliding system offering the highest levels of performance.

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CS 77 is a thermally-broken, multi-chambered system for windows and doors that offers excellent levels of security, weather resistance and thermal insulation.

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Large glass walls, generally referred to as a glazed curtain wall in the building industry, is a glass façade often associated with commercial buildings and high-rise residential apartments. On a residential scale, glazed walls can have some very striking applications, particularly in creating a double-height atrium or stairwell for a panoramic view

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Imagine looking out onto your garden and appreciating the results of your horticultural efforts through a wall of glass… Reynaers sliding doors can go a long way to making this a reality. Our extensive range of sliding doors offer perfect glazing solutions whatever space you have available. They’re designed to offer market-leading maximum sizes, and with these huge panes of glass come uninterrupted, panoramic views and plenty of natural daylight.

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Reynaers SlimLine 68 window has been designed specifically to meet the needs of UK households. This unique and expertly engineered window suite offers the discerning homeowner the perfect combination of exceptionally slim frames and the highest levels of performance. With sleek, clean lines, these beautifully designed windows can transform the appearance of any home, adding value to the property whilst also making it warmer, brighter and more secure.

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Reynaers SlimLine 38 windows and doors have been designed to replicate the ‘steel look’ or crittal style used in many traditional UK homes. The SL 38 offers the highest levels of performance with excellent levels of security, weather resistance and thermal insulation.

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The Hi-Finity patio door is the epitome of modern design, combining the ultimate in contemporary aesthetics with outstanding performance.