MB-70 is a modern aluminium system intended for realizations of exterior architectural building elements requiring thermal and acoustic insulation, such as: various types of windows, doors, vestibules, display windows or spatial structures.

The system profiles have a three-chamber structure. The structural depth of the window sections is equal to 70 mm (frames) and 79 mm (casement), and for doors: 70 mm and 70 mm respectively. Such assumed depths of casement and frame sections give the effect of one surface from the exterior side after closing – in the case of the window, and the facing effect to the surface of casement and frames – in the case of doors. Shape of the profiles allows achieving slender and resistant window and door structures. In the MB-70 system, it is also possible to produce windows with the so-called “hidden casement” MB-70US and the MB-70 “Industrial”, finding its application during modernisations of post-industrial historic and monumental objects.


• windows available as fixed or open in, tilt and turn, tilt and slide
• 1 or 2 leaf doors open in or open out
• safety locking
• steel look like industrial options
• large size door constructions available
• hidden sash option
• secure windows and door options, providing burglar resistance
• multitude of finish options
• dual colour options
• glazing up to 60 mm
• multi-point locking
• Eurogroove that broadens the choice of hardware available
• suites with other Aluprof’s MB systems allowing total design flexibility and project solutions
• compliance with CE marking requirements